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Emergency Management and Tactical Response Operations

Thomas D. Phelan, Ed. D.
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Has the time arrived to educate emergency managers in college classrooms rather than in twenty years of tactical operations experience? Over one hundred forty-three (143) institutions of higher education are now offering certificate or degree programs in emergency management with no tactical operations experience required for admission. Emergency management is an emerging discipline. Its importance is increasing by the day as the world becomes increasingly globalized and complex. The author draws upon his extensive experience to represent a comprehensive curriculum to train emergency managers to be prepared for the unexpected. This book does an excellent job of demonstrating the importance of the first responder, in concert with the value of the emergency manager. It explores the skills being taught to emergency management students and addresses the concerns of experienced first responders in accepting their leadership.

Includes case studies of:
  • The Tsunami response in Sri Lanka
  • Ground Zero and the tragedy of 9/11
  • Private and public perspectives from Katrina
Key Features
  • Discusses the value of emergency management education in the post-9/11 world
  • Makes clear the need for educating emergency managers to prepare them for emergency manager leadership
  • Helps bridge the gap between emergency management and first responders
Format: Softcover

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