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Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World

George D. Haddow and Kim S. Haddow
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Communications that supports disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery saves lives, property, and speeds recovery by disseminating timely and accurate information. No longer an afterthought or a luxury, communications is as important as logistics or the deployment of materials. Planning and controlling the flow of information before, during, and after a disaster will define your organization’s credibility, trustworthiness, authority, and effectiveness.

The emergence of new media like the Internet, e-mail, blogs, text messaging, cell phone photos, and “first informers” - witnesses who have the ability to transmit information immediately from the event - are redefining the media landscape. The tools and rules of communications are evolving. Disaster communications must evolve to capitalize on these changes and exploit the opportunities they provide. Disaster communications must incorporate a way to manage their impact, and if possible, use them for the common good.

With thorough discussions of how news organizations and social networks operate, Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World show readers how to leverage every aspect of technology and still keep control of their core message.

Reviewed in Security Management, 8/11.

Format: Softcover

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