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Workplace Violence/Armed Intruder Preparedness in Commercial Facilities (Webinar)

Ryan S. Knepshield, PSP, CHS-V, IAC, and Inge Sebyan Black, CPP, CFE, CPOI
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Benefit from a comprehensive management perspective on researching, developing, and initiating a workplace violence / armed intruder preparedness program in major commercial facilities—particularly Class A office towers and mixed-use buildings.

The following topics will be discussed
  • Expansion upon current ASIS International Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention American National Standard by providing examples and practical applications of the principles therein.
  • General workplace violence principles, although armed intruders will be of primary importance.
  • Suggestions for advanced planning and research.
  • Planning / project team composition, including key stakeholders, tenant champions, facility ownership, and management advocates.
  • Evaluating facility and operational risk: tenant risk vs. enterprise risk,  vulnerability assessments, policy and procedure reviews.
  • Coordination with external entities: consultants; police / fire / EMS; special considerations such as public transportation, federal agencies, etc.
  • Training and exercise developmentAfter action reviews (PDCA model or equivalent).
Target audience  
  1. Security managers and property managers of facilities considered soft targets
  2. Security managers and property managers who are struggling or hesitant to implement a workplace violence / armed intruder response program due to lack of information, fear of the apparent enormity of the undertaking, or uncertainty in navigating the process
  3. Security managers and property managers of facilities with unarmed security  

Recorded July 9, 2014.

CD box set; 90 minutes. This webinar may be eligible for up to two CPEs.

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