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Putting Your Program to the Test

Louis G. Caravelli, CPP; Keith Kambic, CPP; Glen Kitteringham, CPP; and David Katzenmeyer, CPP
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First of all, do you have an emergency plan? Did you utilize the appropriate resources when developing it? This includes becoming educated about the process as well as creating the document. Has your plan been tested? This is where you determine what works, what doesn’t, and what needs fine tuning. The time to learn if your plan works is not in the middle of an emergency.

Learn the pros and cons of five different training strategies that can be utilized to assist your staff in emergency response planning:
  • Table top drills
  • Live drills: full scale vs. limited scale
  • Computer-based training
  • Classroom training: individual, small group, and large group
  • Debriefs
Identify issues that emergency planners need to take into training consideration including costs, time, and who should or should not be involved and at what stages. Tenants, visitors, employees, contractors, and emergency services all have a role to play in emergency response planning. Discuss the strategies and tactics so you can reach out to these various groups and assist in educating them about their responsibilities.

Recorded July 20, 2011.

CD box set; 90 minutes. This webinar may be eligible for up to two CPEs.

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