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Physical Security Principles: How to Tie Them All Together (Webinar)

Rob Hile, S. Steven Oplinger, and Charlie R. Pierce
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You have some knowledge and understanding of basic physical security tools such as video surveillance, access control, risk assessment, physical security information management, project management, and crime prevention through environmental design. The question becomes how to pull it all together to meet your specific security needs?

Do you really need expensive camera X at every door? What about that costly card reader? Could you use something else that gets the job done just as well for less? What is needed and how can that need be addressed within your budget? Get your 30,000 foot view of physical security solutions and see how to accomplish your goals by choosing applications that truly fit your needs.

Recorded December 5, 2012.

CD box set; 60 minutes. This webinar is eligible for one CPE.

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