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Managing Contractors Onsite (Webinar)

Denny Dobbins, J.D., CTCF
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As employers expand and grow their businesses, their reliance on contract labor to successfully complete their contracted services also grows.  Providing an easy and effective way for employers to manage this growing market requires legally proper background investigations, stringent policies relating to contractors, and simple auditing tools and methods for companies to verify compliance. This webinar focuses on the intricacies of the “Why “ and “How” in relation to protecting companies from the negligent and criminal acts of contract labor and all the associated issues that stem from their use, as well as how using appropriately scrutinized on-site contractors can make all the difference to the bottom line and peace of mind.  

Learning Objectives
  • Understand how to force a contractor/vendor to properly investigate its employees, thereby reducing risk to your facility.
  • Understand how to use criteria and easy to implement systems to eliminate risk and monitor contractors/vendors, resulting in taking control over the environment for which you are responsible.
  • Understand the clear case law behind your duties, abilities, and liabilities for contractors/vendor actions while in your facility.
  • Understand how to deal with criminal backgrounds and the contractors/vendors in regard to the EEOC, and how to avoid other legal entanglements.
This webinar is being held April 16. This item will ship two weeks later.

CD box set; 90 minutes. This webinar may be eligible for up to two CPEs.

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