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Enterprise Risk Management and COSO: A Guide for Director, Executives, and Practitioners

Harry Cendrowski and William C. Mair
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This book provides a comprehensive analysis of enterprise risk management and is invaluable to anyone working in the risk management arena. It provides excellent information regarding the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework, control components, control environment, and quantitative risk assessment methodologies.

There has never been a stronger need for sound risk management than now. Today's organizations are expected to manage a variety of risks that were unthinkable a decade ago. Insightful and compelling, Enterprise Risk Management and COSO reveals how to:
  • Successfully incorporate enterprise risk management into your organization's culture
  • Foster an environment that rewards open discussion of risks rather than concealment of them
  • Quantitatively model risks and effectiveness of internal controls
  • Best discern where risk management resources should be dedicated to minimize occurrence of risk-based events
  • Test predictive models through empirical data
  • Optimally manage your company's risks, even in the worst of economic conditions.
Format: Hardcover

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