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Due Diligence for the Financial Professional, 2nd Ed

L. Burke Files
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This book is a refreshingly comprehensive guide explaining the process of financial due diligence—not just another book of simplistic check lists. Due diligence is the process of doing one’s homework on an opportunity or a person to ensure the decisionmaker has the information needed to make a reasonably informed choice. Due diligence is about knowing how to ask the right questions, getting truthful and completed answers and being cognizant of the knowledge filters and manipulators that can be barriers to making informed decisions.

This book will show you how to filter information and discern the noise from the substance of due diligence. You will be provided the tools to make informed decisions. This book covers the traditional concepts such as background checks, financial investigations, and money laundering and includes seven comprehensive lists and questionnaires. New areas including transparency, heuristics and biases, intellectual property and critical information, and asset recovery are also discussed.

Due Diligence for the Financial Professional should be requisite reading for risk managers, investigators, law enforcement gatekeepers, and compliance professionals.

Reviewed in Security Management, 3/12.

Format: Softcover

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