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Aptitude for Destruction Vol 2: Case Studies of Organizational Learning in Five Terrorist Groups

Brian A. Jackson, John C. Baker, Peter Chalk, Kim Cragin, John V. Parachini, and Horacio R. Trujillo
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Continuing conflicts between violent groups and states generate an ever-present demand for high-quality and timely information to support operations to combat terrorism. Better ways are needed to understand how terrorist and insurgent groups adapt over time into effective organizations and increasingly dangerous threats. Because learning is the link between what a group wants to do and its ability to gather the needed information and resources to actually do it, a better understanding of the group learning process could contribute to the design of more-effective measures for combating terrorism.
This study analyzes current understanding of that process and the factors that influence organizational learning. It presents detailed case studies of learning in five terrorist organizations: Aum Shinrikyo, The Radical Environmentalist Movement, Hizballah, Jemaah Islamiyah, and the Provisional Irish Republican Army. A methodology is developed for ascertaining what and why groups learned, gaining insights into their learning processes, and discerning ways in which the law enforcement and intelligence communities might apply that understanding.

Format: Softcover

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